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Avoiding the doctor calls

The urologist has called me 2x and I’ve “missed” both calls. Bloodwork was last week and doctor wants to do a prostate biopsy. I’m a solid “NO” on that. I’ve seen videos and it is not something I want to experience. I’ve had 2 very painful surgeries in a year and I’m not willing to do anything again. I know how this sounds. I know and understand the risks with the prostate. I have no family history or symptoms , and yes I know that’s irrelevant to the situation. I plan on avoiding the situation for as long as possible.

  1. Hi thanks for being so honest with us. I can certainly understand your fear and with two other painful surgeries this year, I can see why you wouldn't want to put yourself through anything else. Having said that, early detection is key. I am sending over a couple of articles that may be interesting for you: and There is a lot to think about, we are here to help. Jill, team

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