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Clamp Suggestions for Incontinence Due to Radiation for Prostate Cancer?

My husband is totally incontinent from radiation for prostate cancer. My question is: the Bard Cunningham clamp is uncomfortable and can only be worn a few hours at a time. Can anyone suggest another clamp? Also, another option is artificial sphincter surgery, which, as with any surgery, brings complications.

  1. Hi cbuxgo. Sorry your husband is having this difficult and let me say that it is always great to see a supportive spouse seeking information to help. I can't speak personally on any specific clamp, but I did find a couple of studies that compares different clamps: and In addition, this article looks at artificial urinary sphincter surgery: Hopefully others can chime in with their experiences. Wishing you and your husband the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. There are never easy answers with this

      Personally I view a clamp of any kind as a temporary short term solution. We have several men in our support group who had significant leakage issues following surgery and/or radiation. In those cases the pelvic muscles were weak and no amount of exercises helped them

      All said the improvement following artificial sphincter surgery was significant and allowed them to resume normal life activities.

      YES ... Surgery can always present short and long term risks ... that said, the experience and skill of the surgeon can make a HUGE difference in the outcome.

      One individual who joined our support group had the surgery done at another facility and was miserable. A year later he consulted with a surgeon who specialized in artificial sphincter surgery ... the outcome was a dramatic improvement.

      Just because someone has the initials MD following their name does not automatically guarantee that a patient will be pleased with the outcome. Ask questions of other patients to see if they would recommend an MD and ask if they are pleased with the outcome of their procedure.

      Quality of life issues are important and should not be dismissed by either the patient or his medical team

      ... Dennis ( Team)

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