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What Treatment Did You Have for Prostate Cancer?

Hello, my PSA was 6 when I got had my biopsy done, came back 3+4=7. Just starting to look at treatment options for prostate cancer. I would like to hear from others with similar biopsy results on what treatments they had and what the results where. Thanks

  1. Hi, . We posted your question to our Facebook page and it sparked quite the discussion. Please see the post for feedback from other community members. We hope these responses help you in your treatment journey. We are here for you!

    Amylyn ( Team Member)

    1. I had same pathology and chose HDRBT. I am 3 years post treatment and no side effects and my PSA is 0.4.

      1. First diagnosed in late 2017 with low risk. Went a little over a year on active surveillance and had moved to intermediate risk category with PSA of 13 (3+4). Made decision to go with radiation therapy (5 week version) with no ADT in 2019. After 6 months PSA had dropped to 6, after 12 months it was down to 2, and will soon be going into my 18 month appt. hoping to see even lower numbers which radiation oncologist highly believed would happen. PSA dropped slower in my case in part due to not taking ADT according to oncologist. I know ADT is recommended most often with intermediate risk category but had talked to a couple of men who did take ADT along with the radiation who discouraged it based on their experience. I've had very few side effects and most occurred shortly into the treatment itself......some burning while urinating, lower flow rate, and higher frequency. Currently have been taking Flomax generic for quite awhile as it helped the flow issue. May not even need it now but I keep using anyway. Pretty normal life thus far with little interruption with sex life as well.........which was one of the drivers in my decision making. I will soon be 72 which is also one of those things that should go into the decision making. If you are one that likes to dive into the data before making a decision (myself) I would recommend reading Patrick Walsh book on Surviving Prostate Cancer. I consider myself blessed so far and understand there are no guarantees and that every case can be different.

        1. I will say the Walsh book is great and recommend it often to anyone facing this disease - not a bad resource for your spouse/signficant other as well

        2. I was diagnosed in December 2019 Gleason of six with one positive for cancer out of the twelve. A. S. Since. In June 2021 did my 18 month biopsy with Gleason 3+3=6. And seven out of twelve positive for cancer ,my urologist sent me to oncologist we talked about it and radiation treatment first,2nd surgery ,then A.S. N that order setup to get the space oar,markers then the treatment starts but,I don’t know and I say that because there’s a whole lot that goes in on the decision making ,will treatment work? And if not then what? You get it out and your cancer free heck yeah!!!!!you start your new life go forward. Then there’s family obligations ,kids counting on you to make sure they have what they need roof etc. everything. What do ya do, put off the treatment and side effects, everything that’s going to Need to be done down the road at some point and get back to working and take care of business,family ,feeling like I’m being pulled on in both directions. Not liking that. I’m 59 had triple bypass back in January 26 ,starting the process on 8-26 exactly 6 months out of that surgery here we are again when it rains it pours lol. Just venting a bit sorry. God bless us wherever our journey takes us. The best to everyone

      2. same Gleason. PSA went to 8.0. decided on RARP. PSA day of surgery 8.8. A yr and a half later PSA rising when it reached 2.0 decided to go with salvage external beam radiation therapy-39 sessions. PSA has been less than .06 (negligible) for 2+yrs. 71 yrs old overall healthy, active. urinary incontinence creates a need for pad (AM only-sometimes) ED a fact of life (not a concern for me)
        Only side effect not anticipated was radiation cystitis-bleeding bladder. this side effect was minimized when I was researching.
        Presently doing very well. 6 month PSAs and follow up urologist visit.
        in retrospect I would choose RARP.

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