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Combination surgery to repair RP damage

Has anyone had the post radical prostatectomy combination surgery where they implant a urethral cuff/pump and penile implants/pump at the same time? Are you pleased with the results?

  1. Hi Danny115. I can't personally speak on this procedure, but I did find this article which gives an overview of the procedure and reviews the existing literature on its efficacy: It notes that "The recent literature has shown that dual implantation of these devices is feasible and safe with a durable clinical outcome." Of course, each situation is different and you would need to discuss the applicability of the procedure to your case with your doctor. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. What can be done is one thing.

      My concern always goes back to the patient. It is not uncommon for MD's, drug companies, research folks and more to focus on treatment and/or fixing an issue vs the impact on quality of life - long and short term.

      For the past several years I have been involved with several drug firms and researchers involved in prostate cancer. And YES while things can be done – you as the patient owe it to yourself to ask ( no ... press for answers) and question what you might expect and how it will or may impact your quality of life issues.

      For example - I had one MD tell me I might see some slight loss of libido with a lupron shot - YIKES - slight??? ... turned out to be total loss of interest that lasted for almost 14 months plus hot flashes, night sweats, depression and weight gain. The MD reaction a few months into it - "yes that can happen - you just have to live with it "

      While i may not have changed my mind it would be nice to know in advance - ... Dennis ( Team)

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