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What is CyberKnife for prostate cancer like?

A community member wants feedback about CyberKnife for prostate cancer treatment. Have you had it? What was it like and how are you doing now?

  1. I had something called true beam. They told me it is better then cyberknife, but does about the same thing. I had it on a bone tumor on the base of my skull. Prior to that I had 10 sessions of regular radiation around my head and one session of true beam (same as cyberknife). Usually on your prostate area they usually just use regular radiation with 35 sessions for me. They want to kill any cancer cells that might have left the prostate. Mine was still inside the prostate and didn't look like it had spread according to the doctor. But it did!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sam! Interesting to hear they offered an alternative rather than CyberKnife. Did you notice any side effects from it? People do usually just refer to radiation in the comments when it comes to treating the prostate perhaps because it's more generalized, but the website KrissP linked to does mention prostate treatment as an option too. - Nina, Team

  2. Thanks Sam Collins, but the question was about the CyberKnife no? Anyways, if you want to get all the information about CyberKnife, the company producing it dedicated a patient website:

    1. Hi KrissP, thanks for the link. It includes some great positive stories, although perhaps skewed positive as it's promoting the treatment. If you have any personal experiences to share, feel free to add them! As for Sam's comment, I believe it's helpful to hear what doctors have offered as alternatives. - Nina, Team

  3. Adding a comment from a Facebook community member here about treatment choices. Of course, we always add that everyone reacts differently:

    "If you end up deciding to treat it, check out Cyberknife. It is highly effective, minimally invasive, minimal side effects compared to other treatments. Most physicians will not recommend it, because only a few hospitals have the equipment. This is because insurance companies do not like it. I had the treatment a year ago and have absolutely no regrets."

    - Nina, Team

    1. I am Researching cyber knife right now my doctor has propose the regular radiation but I noticed this cyber knife is much quicker does anyone know if it’s as effective

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