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Do you get 'scanxiety'?

A forum to share the worries you may feel each time you have a PSA test or another scan to ensure your prostate cancer is in remission. When is your next screening? How do you cope with 'scanxiety'?

  1. yep I'm a little nervous at the moment, as a matter of fact I just had blood drawn for my firs check after proctectomy in December 2020.

    1. - completely valid to be a little nervous. When you get your results, please let us know how you're doing. Hang in there! - Amylyn (Community manager)

    2. Deep down I do not think that feeling ever goes away. We all know that a returning prostate cancer shows few to no early indicators. Only a test can tell you what is going on. My first diagnoses came in 2013 . Now some 8 years later I still get a few twinges when I roll up my sleeve for a follow up Post PSA test.
      These days I ask that a copy of the report be sent directly to me along with the needed copies to the urologist or oncologist . Somehow I feel a bit more in control by knowing in advance of my appointment what that mysterious number will be. So far all is well. Dennis( Team)

  2. I think scanxiety is the perfect name for this particular feeling. The ultimate goal is to be cancer free. This is just one of those things men must do to secure their health is moving in the right direction. Prior to the doctor's visit, I suggest a nice workout to reduce some tension/stress.
    Beverly ( Team)

    1. Not only do I get an annual PSA test I also now have the joy of undergoing routine CAT and MRI scans + all the related routine blood tests for a rather recent bout with Stage II non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
      Once you have been diagnosed, treated and are in remission you just have to remember to live life every day to the fullest. Lets face it no amount of worry will change the outcome of the testing so as best you can focus on the present ... Dennis( TEAM)

  3. possibly the worst thing is the 12 weekly PSA tests. As a stage 4 patient you know that one of those future tests will be the one when they tell that your treatment has stopped working and that would feel like the start of the beginning of the end going from castration sensitive to castration resistant. It never gets any easier and it's why I call it squeaky bum time!

    1. Wow ... anticipating those prized bottles is a great way to focus on the future. I have 2 buds who like me also scored those 9's on the Gleason scale - so far all three of us are doing ok.
      After 77 years I must be a slow learner) it hit me ... Worry never solved problem. It never did me any good. Denial is dangerous and counter productive. Someone much wiser than I said "The past is gone. The many tomorrows may not come. Reality is here ...Right now ... Live in the present"
      Personally I am soaking everything life has to offer for as long as I can. By the way I have a wonderful cork screw when you need one. 😀
      ... Dennis ( TEAM)

    2. On the upside, tools and tables like the Sloane-Kettering nomogram are subject to revision at any time as new treatments come on line.

  4. I know this might not be helpful for everyone
    (Disclaimer - post may mention faith, God and the Bible
    but it's what I do and (according to the Bible) anyone can do it.
    Not preaching or proselytising, but I'm not the only guy who's doing this.
    "If anyone believes that what they say will happen, and doesn't doubt in their heart, it shall be done for them" (Mark 11:22-4). Drug companies have to do tests to show that their new product is more effective than a sugar-pill placebo, or it won't be licensed. So placebos work at least for some people who believe they're getting a new treatment. If you've read this far, either you know...
    or you're wondering: "How do I get a placebo for my next PSA ?"
    It starts the day after your last test. Whatever way works for you*, get to (or stay in) a place where you believe that the next test will be negative and "don't doubt in your heart". So when the next PSA is coming up, it will be "no worries"...because you've taken charge. Each and every day you've been telling any anxious thought that comes along (however persuasive or persistent) to take a hike.
    And you're not doubting in your heart.
    *Staying within the rules, I can't go into detail about what is working for me, except to say that it took 7 months from diagnosis before I wasn't "doubting in my heart" and - yes, you've guessed, it did include God. But you must have friends who know about faith who you can ask...and there's plenty of sensible stuff (as well as the carp) on the web. Thanks for reading - David

    1. thanks for your comments and I'm glad that your faith sustains you. Unfortunately recent years, losing my younger sister to breast cancer and my own diagnosis, have challenged what little faith I still had. I also don't believe that placebo's have any impact on people living with stage 4. What is keeping me alive is scientific discoveries and new treatments and I live in hope that more treatments will come along when the current one fails. I will always live in hope!

    2. They always told us that "nothing succeeds like excess"...go for it with the hope ! There's always new treatments - each day is another day to live, and another day for the scientific discoveries.

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