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Can prostate cancer be genetic?

At age 64, single and celibate, I have burning sensations in the urethra when urinating or ejaculating. My great grandfather, grandfather and my late father all had prostate cancer. I know I need the PSA test and digital exam, but I wonder about the genetic predisposition for this cancer. Thanks!

  1. Hi , I did not have symptoms similar to what you are describing, but a routine blood test for a physical showed a PSA of 7.1. A biopsy revealed my cancer. A year later, in April of 2018, I had surgery to have my prostate removed. As far as I know, neither my father or my grandfathers was ever diagnosed with prostate cancer. I doubt that any of them ever had a PSA test, which I don't think was routine during physicals in their lifetimes. All of them died from complications related to coronary artery disease. I do know that the literature now encourages younger men whose fathers had prostate cancer to start screening for it early. Will Jones Prostate Moderator

    1. Hi GaryE. Sorry to hear about the run of prostate cancer through your family. The odds of getting prostate cancer if one has a relative who had it absolutely increase. This article from our contributor Len Smith goes into the math: As you said, you know you need to get the PSA checked and the family history means even more so. Wishing you the best and please feel free, if you like, to keep us posted on how you are doing. Richard ( Team)

      1. My father had prostate cancer his was caught late he lost a kidney and a spot on his back so when my PSA was rising it wasn't very high but due to family history they decided to biopsy came back Gleason 9 and most of prostate had surgery 2 years ago

        1. Thank you for sharing . That's great you stayed on top of your PSA. Knowing your father had PC must have made you more aware of your potential for getting it too. -Sarah ( Team Member)

      2. It was announced in the UK last year a connection to family history and an increased liklyhood if there was a history of breast cancer. My Grandfather died from PC and my father had it 24 years ago and has just turned 84. I got diagnosed at 48 and after surgery 3 1/2 years ago am still cancer free! 😎
        Chris moderator

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