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Incontinence after surgery

My surgeon said "You may experience some leakage after surgery for about 90 days." I guess in my case "Some Leakage" is equal to no bladder control at all. My first 30 days were devastating. I get through the night and wake up with a dry pull up. I get up now only one time a night and pee. I am still going through about 6 pair per day, sometimes up to 8 pair. Any exertion and I pee, cought, laugh, stand up, get out of the car all create a small stream. If I have to walk more than 50 feet to a toilet there's nothing left to do once I get there. If I do any work, clean house, work in my shop (on my feet moving around) I find that the next day the incontinence is worse. I've given up caffeine and was a huge coffee drinker. Down to 3 cups of decaf per day now. No alcohol at all, that made matters worse, 1 beer = 2 days of increased incontinence. November 16 marked 90 days post surgery, my PSA this week was .64 so I'm encouraged with that but the incontinence is making me nuts. A friend had a sling put in, lost a lot of weight and the sling was then ineffective and he was told there was nothing to do about it. IF I have to do something to end this incontinence I believe the "Artificial Sphincter" is my choice. I'm doing the Kegel Exercises a lot but it doesn't seem to help. I think I'm going to accept this situation for a year then see about surgically correcting it. Thoughts? Experiences?

  1. Hi . Sorry you are having these continence issues. I know there are other men here who understand what you are going through. I wish doctors were better at explaining the possible time for incontinence. This page from the National Association for Continence notes that after prostate surgery "Most men who experience a loss of bladder control have symptoms for 6 months to 1 year post prostate surgery. However, a small percentage of men may continue to experience problems past the one year mark:" Hope this gives you some hope that there is still time for things to improve. In addition, I want to share with you this article from our editorial team on different potential treatments for incontinence (realizing, of course that you may be familiar with much of this information): Also, if you haven't already, I know some men here have benefited from speaking with a pelvic floor therapist. Hoping you get some relief and please feel free to keep us posted on how you are doing. best, Richard ( Team)

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