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Interesting Prostate Cancer Site

Very interesting read and blog with informative dialogue in about every category.

Let me know your thoughts?

  1. A VERY interesting read. It should, however, be taken as just one voice out of many. For example, I have Gleason 3+3 which according to the article should not be treated initially and should be "active surveillance". In my case, 3 different doctors told me that based on the size of the lesion (tumor), they would not recommend active surveillance and recommend treatment. In my case I'm choosing radiation.

    "Surgery is never required for this disease and is considered gross overtreatment for low risk Gleasons by progressive urologists."

    Nothing in life is this absolute......

    1. This is an interesting read, but should be taken with care. It does have some merit and good points. However everyone's situation is different. The best education I had was getting 2nd opinions (both surgery and radiation options) at a National Cancer Center.

      1. Thank you! Really informative!

        1. Agree on a not treating a Gleason 6 - At the same time it is a good idea to keep an eye on it on with regular check ups - One mistake men make to ignore the need for follow up biopsies. If you are concerned ask your urologist about the availability of HM-MRI scans which can be used to diagnose prostate cancer progression non-invasively.

          1. Hi . Thanks for sharing this new information. For anyone interested in more information, I earlier posted this on the Hybrid Multi-dimensional MRI (HM-MRI) on a different thread: "Here is an early study from a few years ago of its feasibility: Since then it has undergone extensive study and found to be quite effective. This very recent paper discusses the procedure and research and concludes "these studies show that tissue composition measured non-invasively using HM-MRI demonstrates not only excellent correlation with reference standard measures from histology but also that HM-MRI can be used to improve the diagnosis of prostate cancer:"" Best, Richard ( Team)

          2. Yes it is rather important information

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