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Nervous about findings

47 years old PSA increase from 2.7 to 4.55 in one year. MRI result of PIRADS 3. Biopsy results (17 samples) 5 on right ride, 1 on left were positive for cancer. 5 are 3+4 and 1 is 4+3. In one result perineural invasion was noticed. I am nervous about spread. I am being too negative?

  1. Hi . Sorry to hear about the diagnosis and your concerns are certainly understandable. That said, as noted in this article on prostate cancer test results, " It is important to note, however, that just because perineural invasion is found, does not mean that your cancer has certainly spread:" A Gleason of 7 is on the slower growing end of the Gleason scale, which is also a positive sign. The important thing, now that there is that test result, is to keep the process moving forward to get the answers you need. Have your doctors laid out plans for next steps? Please feel free to keep us posted on how you are doing. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Thanks . I will update once I know. The report was posted to my online chart even before my MD rec’d it. Disappointing that I couldn’t have the discussion and the day before thanksgiving somewhat demoralizing. However, I’m young, healthy and optimistic with a GS7.

      1. At your age I am sure you would like to keep your prostate. I was 70 when I had mine remove I was still sexually active but the tumor was large and still in the capsule. So I elected to remove it. Gpossible

        1. Prostate cancer is slow growing and your score of seven is relatively good news. We’re all different and how we will react to treatment is really unknown. It’s easy to be negative when you hear the words you have cancer. The best we can all do is keep a positive attitude, listen to your doctors and asked lots of questions. I personally was diagnosed with a Gleason 9 and so far some 10 years later following surgery my PSA is 0.02

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