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Prostate cancer scans

Hi, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (stage 2/3a). Got a CT scan and it showed bone lesions, while the bone scan was negative. Docs don’t know what to make of it. Has anyone seen a positive ct scan and a negative bone scan for the same area. Thanks

  1. Hi JayB - Was also diagnosed with Stage 2 along with a Gleason of 9. My bone scan also was clear. If the Docs are puzzled you may want make some calls into one of the larger regional cancer centers. A few guys I know had some odd findings and asked for second opinions/review at other centers – J Hopkins, Memorial Sloan Kettering or the Cleveland Clinic etc. May be worth a phone call to have your test results looked at. Please keep us informed and good luck! ... Dennis( Team)

    1. Thanks Dennis, appreciate your response. I got the scans done at MSK in NY and the docs were puzzled as well. Doing additional tests in the next couple of weeks.

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