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PSA jump 5 points in 90 days

Start up my journey October 2019. Failed Prostate removal in February 2020. Harmon shot March 2020 .Radiation breaking therapy June of 2020. November 2020 PSA bottom out .0.PSA levels may 2021.25. PSA level July 2021.35. PSA levels November 2021. 95 PSA . February 2022 5.95 a 5 point jump in 3 months. My question is such a high Rise in 3 months . Has anyone seen a jump of this magnitude in 3 months ? Heard it could be bad labs possible mistake. In the beginning my doctor told me my PSA would track my testosterone As my testosterone Climb my PSA would track it. My testosterone Was rising and so was my PSA at the same rate Until February 2022. It took a 5 point jump was that worried until February. Everything was going fine. I read the most it should do was double.. Getting my PSA checked may 4th may 4th tomorrow Has anyone heard of such a high jump in PSA in such a short time. Please reply

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