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PSA of 0.07 after brachytherapy and external radiation and hormone therapy ?

Is this rare to have this after a gleason score of 9 ?

  1. Hi . A lot of factors can go into the PSA level after radiation and hormone therapy, such as how long it has been since treatment. This article from the American Cancer Society discusses what to expect from PSA after various treatments:,to%20affect%20a%20man's%20prognosis. Has your doctor had anything specific to say about the PSA level? Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. - After my combined treatment with radiation and hormone therapy ended (for a returning Gleason 9 after surgery) the oncologist warned me of the potential for a rising PSA.

      He noted the PSA levels should drop as the radiation continues to damage the cancer cells ability to reproduce. Should your PSA continue to rise additional conversations need to happen with your medical team. ... Dennis( TEAM)

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