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Questions to ask Radiation Oncologist

I had a radical prostatectomy in March of 2022. My PSA levels have recently started elevating and are currently at .23. My urologist referred me to a radiation oncologist and prior to the meeting I wanted to ask for suggestions on what type of questions to ask. My urologist said that usually the PET Scan can't detect a recurrence below .5 but have others heard differently?

  1. Some additional details I didn't include, my pathology from the surgery indicated it was .2 mm in the margins. The urologist said I could start radiation now but it would be 'blind', they assume it is where it was located at the margin and in the prostate base.

    1. I am so glad you reached out. It is great that you are being proactive and looking for advice. I am sending over an article with some tips about questions: I am also sending over these two articles from our advocates: and I hope this is helpful. Jill, ( team)

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