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Reoccurrence of cancer after treatment (prostate removed)

I am three years post prostate surgery with all good PSA results. Does anyone know statically the numbers or percentages of cancer reoccurring?

  1. Around 20 to 30 percent of men with prostate cancer will face the disease again within 5 years of treatment. You can learn more about recurrence here: We hope your good PSA results continue!

    1. Hi . I just want to follow-up a little on the information provided by Michael. As noted in this article from Johns Hopkins, "The likelihood of recurrence depends on the extent and aggressiveness of the cancer:" It notes that there are actually several tools to predict the likelihood of recurrence, with a link to one developed by a few of their professors. Hope this information is helpful. That said, vigilance with keeping up with the PSA tests is always recommended. Best, Richard ( Team)

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