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Success Stories with Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is not an easy journey; it's a path of challenge, perseverance, trials, and resilience. This is a space to share those things that went well in your prostate cancer journey—the success stories.

What is some good news you received?

What are some silver linings?

We look forward to hearing from you.

  1. Hello
    I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer September 2022.
    Decided to have surgery to remove prostrate. Surgery was scheduled for February 2023. 1 week before surgery my Oncologist at Dana Farber ( Boston) decided on a PET scan. Thank God he did, they found the cancer has spread to my bones, ( spine T1 location. The surgery scheduled was stopped. Then radiation was determined along with hormonal treatment ( told would be a 2-3 year process). Radiation was done for 20 visits, Radiologist wanted 44 BUT lovely insurance declined the suggestion by Radiologist. Radiologist and insurance agreed upon 20 radiation treatments. Treatments are done, now meeting with another Radiologist specializing in bone cancer to determine my next treatment.
    It has been a roller coaster of emotions since September 2022.
    Work had been extremely stressful so not currently working to not have to deal with work stress.
    Anyone out there have the same issues??

    1. I was diagnosed with it november 2021. I had it removed April 4 2022 and so far my psa is 0.006. I now get it checked every six months. Tomorrow will be my first psa test in six months. It was driving me crazy waiting this long now. Hoping for another good zero. I never thought it would be this challenging. It wears on you even after you have it removed. But it beats the alternative. We have to keep plugging along and try to think positive.

      1. I had my prostate removed in March of 23. I was not as fortunate as I hoped. Cancer was not totally contained. I'm going through hormone therapy now and 40 radiation treatments soon. It is very difficult to wait for those PSA readings.i know how you feel. Trying to stay positive can be challenging to say the least. Have faith that you will get through this. I have faith I will. Gordy R member

    2. Success Stories with Prostate Cancer . I am going into my fifth year cancer free with NO SIDE EFFECTS. My jounery was a strange one. When I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer my urologist told me on a wednesday and set me up for removal on the up comming monday. I told him not to do anything till i figured out what I want to do. The first thing I did is went to a person who I knew who had prostate cancer to see what his out comes was. He choices was to have his prostate removed. He explain to me all of the problems he went through. The second was to go see an other friend who had prosate cancer but went with radiation 15 years ago with out any homone treatment with no side effects. He also told me of a support group which I started to go to. I was told that having a gleason score of 8 I have to move fast. I was dating a much younger woman 17 years younger than me , so I wanted to get this done the right way , which seem like was impossible after going to the support group. I got more than a second opinion, I went to John Hopkins was told not to worry they could do robotic removal and save the seminal vesicle on both side there for not harming my sexal function. Sounded great. Then I went to Cancer treatment Center of America for three days. They recommend radiation with HORMONE TREATMENT ! AFTER VISTING 3 MORE UROLOGIST . At this point i was going to have removal done at John Hopkins, then at preoperative I need to have two stems due to blockage. I was put on a blood thinner so surgey was to be delayed for three months. Now I was going for radiation with a doctor I nick name my bugerking doctor. He was going to do it my way radiation WITH OUT HORMONE TREATMENT. For some reason most want to do both radiation with hormone, due to getting better results, you can say goodbye to a healty sex life that way. At one group meeting the word HIFU came up I taught it sound to good to be ture , I forgot all about it I was going into my seventh month of doing nothing. Family members were is a panic mode. I set a date for radiation with my bugerking doctor . I had the tattoos and leg brace done an a date set to go in. For some reason ,thank God ,I looked into HIFU HIGH INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND. I STATER A CONVERSATION WITH THE DOCTOR AND SENT HIM ALL MY MEDICAL RECORDS I was a good candidate for HIFU . Three days beore my day for radiation I choose to go with HIFU. My journey was a strange one which turn out Great for me. Second opinion are very inportant. The choice should be made by YOURSELF . Do your homework. After make you choice there is no going back. Wishing everyone a good journey .

      1. I had it done in Sarasota florida February 2019. I am cancer free with no side effects going on 5 years. It was not covered back then. All of the procedures were paid by Medicare except for the Doctor. I did an appeal and recovered some money from Medicare. I have heard that it is now covered, but I am not sure on how much is paid. I know it is now beginning done in a many hospital now. HIFU can be done serval times if the prostate cancer returns. It is also now being done on Salvage . Wishing you the best in your journey . Bob if there is any other questions you would like to ask me , I will try my best to answer them .

      2. Thank you! I appreciate it!

    3. All those who have successfully combated the disease can continue to be on the lookout for new therapies under trial and perhaps even participate in trials subject to medical advice. Treatments such as these provide hope for recurrence free survival in future 👉🏼

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