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Start of my journey with prostate cancer

Well just got my Biopsy results this week - I'm 58 years old and been blessed with good health - My results showed 4 of 12 samples came back with 3 + 3 = 6 gleason score, I had PSA just over 4 and some irrugular shape during physical exam of prostate which led to the Biospy. I'm very fortunate to identify the cancer early but overwhelmed with all the options for treatment -

I will be getting consultation with my Urologist (Piedmont) in a couple weeks as well as getting a second opion (I'm in ATL and going to meet with the Emory Winship center) - but wanted to get some feedback from other that have been through this journey

I'm coming up to speed on all the treatments, pros and cons (great there as so many options ) but overwelming ...

What are the key questions to get answered as part of the process to determine the path forward on treatment - I know this utimately comes down to my decision and my wife but want to make sure I understand some key information/questions going in to the discussions -

Just looking for some perspective of those that have been on the journey I'm about to start ...


  1. Been there and agree the whole process is scary and unnerving . You have a Gleason 6 score which is a lot better than the Gleason 9 received in 2013. That said it is almost 2023 and after surgery in 2018 and then radiation some 5 years later --- I am still here with no evidence of disease. The 6 score is low and may never spread. Prostate Cancer impacts each of us differently (as you noted) so all have to make our own decisions. I would suggest you get several MD opinions as you move forward. It is very easy to jump quickly when you hear the words Prostate Cancer. Just understand this is very slow growing and you appear to have a non-aggressive case of it. Your MD may advise waiting and retesting or another course of action. Take a few deep breadths, get information from your MD's and when you are ready make a decision. If you decide on treatment or waiting there is no going back . What ever decision you make will be the right one for you. This is a great community and you will get good information. In the meantime enjoy the holidays with your family and know you have many years ahead. Dennis( TEAM)

    1. thanks Dennis will keep you update on information and recommendations from my MDs and I will definately get multiple opions for perspective

  2. you have plenty of time with your low grade PC and possible it may never spread.

    I'm 63 and diagnosed 6 mos ago with Gleason 6 also. Have family history of PC. So had had both a genetics and genomic test completed. No genetic biomarkers found and active surveillance recomended with monitoring of PSA, 3tMRI and followup biopsy.

    3tMRI should be completed at least 3 mos after initial biospy. Then results will be confirmed via follow-up targeted fusion biopsy within a year time depending on MRI findings.

    FYI..current modern care for PC....I believe an MRI should have been done before my initial biospy....still learning the PC industry in general may be a little behind.

    1. thanks for the reply. I do have some history of PC in my family with some uncles on my Mom side so the genomics and genomic test may makes sense I will ask about these tests. From what I have read so far active surveillance seems to be the right path for me but I will listen to the experts recommendations first. As far as process biopsy vs MRI, I did question my urologist on that as my older brother has had a steadily rising psa now over 6 and his doctor is monitoring via MRI which has been negative. The rational from my doctor was psa over 4 and physical exam resulted with some abnormal characteristics that he recommended the Biopsy before MRI ?

      1. Yes so many factors to consider.

        If young, with large volume of cancer I'd guess that could make sense. And there's always personal preference.

        Importantly hope your neighbor had good recovery without side effects and maintains a good quality of life.

        My father and brother both in their early 70's had external beam radiation treatment with good results. My dad passed at 85 of a cardio issue. My brother is now 75.

        The technology keeps getting better and if needed prefer to take advantage of it in the future.

      2. He is ok after surgery and radiation but has been advised to stay on hormone therapy for the next few years.

    2. My husband also had a gleason 6 and underwent radiotherapy with Novalis TX. We’ll see what his psa is in a few weeks. He could have done active surveillance but didn’t want to go back every few months for more biopsies. But everyone is different. Your urologist would be best to inform you of your options.

      1. Yes a few men in my support group decided after a few times to have surgery as they did not want to keep undergoing biopsies. Fully understand that decision Dennis( TEAM)

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