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A "Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer" -- Book Review

Last updated: November 2022

Title: Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer
Author: Patrick C. Walsh, MD and Janet Farrar Worthington
Hachette Book Group
Fourth Edition, Revised and Updated May 2018
“The ultimate book on the no.1 men’s disease in the world.” -U.S.A. Today

There are over 9,000 books on Amazon discussing prostate cancer. The National Institutes for Health and many cancer websites are loaded with useful, updated information on prostate cancer and therapies. But like trying to take a sip from the proverbial fire hose, where do you focus when cancer happens to you?

What the MRI and biopsy confirmed...

In May of 2018, I was diagnosed with T1C prostate cancer with a Gleason Score of 7 (4+3). An MRI the following month confirmed the biopsy visually and an MRI the following month confirmed the biopsy results. Early detection confirmed complete containment with my prostate gland. The cancer hadn’t spread, but it might have if I ignored it.

Arming myself with knowledge

Fortunately, my neighbor shared Dr. Patrick Walsh’s book with me. The neighbor is a prostate cancer survivor too. My wife and I studied it cover to cover the week before I met with my urologist, all 524 pages of it. Armed with questions we were prepared to discuss every treatment option.

In the revised and updated Fourth Edition, Walsh covers the what, why, and how of prostate cancer and therapies, supported by years of data. For the new version, Walsh relies on leading experts in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, as well as specialists in oncology, ED treatment, Active Surveillance, and epidemiology. The original illustrations are done by the late Leon Schlossberg leave nothing to the imagination.

The complete and current guide to prostate cancer

What makes this book better than all of the rest in my estimation is that it’s the complete current guide to prostate cancer, supported by decades of data or facts. It’s written for the prostate cancer patient and advocate.

Dr. Walsh is a leading (and legendary) surgeon and one of the most respected prostate disease specialist in the world. He’s the surgeon who developed a nerve-sparing procedure which is very important to having erections following radical surgery.

Each chapter starts with and a highly abridged version of its contents, a CliffNotes for us speed readers. Chapter one focuses on the prostate and there’s a crash course to get you up to speed quickly on the walnut-shaped capsule located below your bladder. All the treatment options available have life-changing impact, but in fact, they suck. There are three primary goals in surviving prostate cancer:

  1. Reduce or eliminate the cancer
  2. Quality of daily life (ie. incontinence)
  3. Sexual functionality (ED)

Realities of screening

Dr. Walsh debunks the 2012 recommendation by the U.S. Preventative Service Taskforce against routine screening for prostate cancer.

Unfortunately, thousands of men have been diagnosed with prostate cancer but were told by their family doctor they didn’t need to be screened. Even today I have friends who have family doctors with that philosophy. Even today! Incredible. In addition, it has been found that African Americans have a higher risk than of prostate cancer than Caucasians and for years they have been treated based upon the same data.

Advocate for yourself

Remember, you are here to find the truth and make educated decisions based upon proven facts. Dr. Walsh and his partner in writing this book Janet Farrar Worthington don’t mince words. They don’t try to convince you of one treatment option or another. They speak the truth and arm you for your journey of discovery with your urologist, oncologist, or surgeon. Guide to Survive Prostate Cancer should anchor your library of information on prostate cancer.

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