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Companionship Is Key

Last updated: January 2021

I have just celebrated a milestone in my battle versus advanced prostate cancer with extensive bone metastasis Stage 4.

November 22, 2020, marked 3 1/2 years since my May 22, 2017, diagnosis. Celebrating this milepost is a must, as I was told I probably had only two-and-a-half years to 3 years to live at my initial diagnosis.

Fighting prostate cancer

The Lord’s ever-present love and blessings have always played a pivotal role in my survival. A significant driving force in my ability to carry on against this evil character has certainly been, what I refer to as, “Prayer Warriors.” This critical group of very supportive and positive people has led me through breakthrough after breakthrough.

One very important blessing that has helped me continue the battle to overcome cancer is companionship. We all need others to help buffer us from the pains of our lives. It is a rough long road to travel without the comfort of fellowship. Togetherness is central in the grand scheme of fighting this invader.

Support can come from animals

A companion does not always have to be a person; it could appear as an animal. Many actually prefer the company of, let’s say a dog or cat, over that of a fellow human. We have two adult cats here on the farm. We call them Samson and Delilah. We rescued both from an abandoned cardboard box at the mouth of our holler, Fall Creek.

For me, I think a fine companion throughout this cancer journey would be a horse. Horses are majestic and comforting to a great many people. It saddens me the state of our horses across our great nation. Many are abandoned or suffer greatly at the hand of abuse. Numerous horses, through no fault of their own, are slated for one of our many nationwide kill pits.

Way back in 1973, my father purchased a 100-plus-acre farm on Fall Creek, West Virginia. He quickly turned the farm into a home by adding horses, cows, ponies, chickens, and the like. Our green/white farm sign identifying this property is that of a horse in the middle of the words “Green Acres” and “The Estep Farm.” Horses always played a key role in our lives back in those days. Whether riding, plowing, pulling, or just loving the family, a horse played a family role.

Simple pleasures

It is my personal belief, that an animal can add some hope to your current situation, whatever it may be. Love and affection are likely companions of animals.

Just the simple act of caring for and taking care of a horse could produce positive vibes that will keep one living just a little longer. Just think how calming brushing a horse could be. I may be adopting a horse soon just to have some of those simple pleasures.

Just think of the love, affection, and care a horse could deliver if just given a chance to thrive. Not only can I lead my grandbabies around on a horse and teach them to not fear these wonderful creatures, I can find some companionship with one of God’s creatures.

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