Trying To Access the COVID-19 Vaccine With Prostate Cancer

COVID-19 has clearly changed our perspective on the true dangers of having a compromised immune system, and this fear drives an understandable desire for many to receive the coronavirus vaccine immediately. However, the simple fact that one has no immune system seems lost on the bureaucracy wielding authority over the vaccine rollout.

Trying to get the vaccine

I, like many of my fellow cancer warriors, have made numerous attempts to receive the vaccine.

Spending endless hours on the phone, I have been unable to secure even a possible date to receive the coveted vaccine. The CDC recommends that people with underlying medical conditions be vaccinated, among other groups.1 But no exact date that I know of in my state is forthcoming as of this writing.

Our county is working tirelessly to accommodate those aged 65 and over. But I am younger than that, and it feels like we with underlying conditions can find no hope. Just pondering, if those with Stage 4 terminal cancer are not a priority in the vaccine rollout, pray tell, who might be?

I wholeheartedly acknowledge the urgency in vaccinating our front line workers and those who provide essential services to our country. Those heroes are in definite need of some well deserved relief.

Uncaring replies

Following hours and hours on the telephone, I finally had the privilege of speaking to a real bona-fide human being. I was told the current vaccine rollout in our area benefited those individuals 65 years of age or older.2 When I pressed them concerning the fact that I have Stage 4 terminal cancer and no immune system, they simply repeated the statement with no feeling or concern evident.

That might all be well and good, but you know what gets my goat? It is when those that have blatantly labeled this virus and pandemic a complete hoax receive the vital vaccine before others who need this vaccination.

Immediately following the bureaucracy’s uncaring replies on a wasted phone call, I noted on Facebook numerous individuals proudly holding up the vaccinated card who have for 11 months straight vowed that the whole thing is a hoax and that they would never receive the vaccine. What a crock!

Just want to scream

Do not take me the wrong way, I know we all need to be vaccinated and in a very quick manner. However, when I see those under the age of 65 hoisting that vaccinated card, I just want to scream. If this entire pandemic is an absolute hoax, as some people have preached for months, why did they rush out so quickly to receive the all-important vaccine?

I testify that there have been some real challenges in the vaccine rollout. But why and how can a Stage 4 terminally-ill cancer patient be deprived of the protection afforded by the vaccine?

Languishing with underlying conditions

Here, in the state of West Virginia, we have been blessed that the administering of the vaccine has been front-page national news. Our state has set the mark for how to run the rollout in a professional and timely manner. However, some crucial individuals have been lost somehow in the shuffle.

Later this afternoon, as of this writing, I plan on contacting several of our state representatives and our governor with one simple question: “What about the persons languishing out here with underlying health conditions?”

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