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I Feel Like I’m Having A Nightmare

Diane talks to a man who never expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer about how he overcome the shock of it and decided to undergo treatment.

Stunned to be diagnosed

I had no reason to believe I was at risk of developing cancer, so the thought of being tested for the disease never occurred to me.

However, the results were concerning when I took advantage of a county health fair that provided a blood test that included a PSA screening. My PSA was very high. Soon after, a biopsy confirmed what I thought was unthinkable: I had prostate cancer.

It was one of the most shocking experiences of my life. And I wasn't exactly at high risk. I had always been in good health and had never been hospitalized. So, the “Big C;” never saw that coming. When I told my family, they were as surprised as I was. They advised me to see a specialist as soon as possible, which I did, with the entire family supporting and accompanying me on most of the visits.

Getting over the shock

The doctors told me I had a good chance of survival. Their assurance kept me from succumbing to depression. I decided to have my treatments at a local hospital, because I knew it was the best option for me.

My care team presented me with several treatment options while keeping my concerns and goals in mind. I appreciated it the most, because they also educated me on each option and answered my questions. They debated the advantages and disadvantages of each option. As a result, I discovered a lot more about my cancer.

After considering my options, I chose external beam radiation therapy and was very pleased with the results. The radiation oncologist treated and the procedure was unpleasant, but the nurses did everything they could to make me feel at ease.

Treatment side effects

I had heavy leaks and found it difficult to hold in my urine. It took a year for my incontinence to improve. My incontinence is now very minor, and I no longer need to wear pads. I do have a few leaks, especially when I go to the gym and strain. My body hurts a lot.

Following my treatment, I also experienced erectile dysfunction. My doctors prescribed me Viagra. I decided not to use it because I want my body to learn how to function independently. After two and a half years, I'm starting to see the fruits of that strategy.

I'm just a patient who has had the good fortune of finding doctors who have taken good care of me, as well as having a wife and family who have helped me maintain a positive attitude throughout it all.

The final word

Prostate cancer is treatable if caught early. Go get a check-up. It will be worth the effort if I share my story to persuade one man to see their doctor.

I think it is critical to make informed decisions about your diet and lifestyle. Your daily choices are essential for the success of your treatment and recovery from the disease. It's a great way to reclaim some of the control that cancer and its treatment may have taken away from you.

I find exercise is essential, and I've been doing it vigorously, including swimming, walking 3 miles per hour, and fast bicycling. It's been a massive help on my healing journey.

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