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Praise Reports

Last updated: April 2022

One major aid in my treatment plan, I must confess, was discovered completely by accident. This particular habit started innocently enough.

A great many of my family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, former students, and former athletes continuously messaged me concerning my health situation at the time. I decided to carefully and fully inform those concerned with a “praise report.”

Sharing my cancer journey

These praise reports became a portal that aided my soul in my struggles to remain positive. I made sure to include in each report a single scripture I was looking to at the time that assisted in keeping the faith for a positive outcome. I also added in many details about my most current cancer news concerning my treatment plan.

When discussing my treatment plan within the praise reports, I made sure to be as truthful and as accurate as humanly possible. I wanted to convey my journey down to the most minute detail, knowing that someone out there was traveling the same pathway as I. People began to tell me how I showed an uncommon strength in being able to share my cancer journey.

Helping others

It became critical to share my cancer journey exactly as it was happening. I loathed sugar-coating any portion of the process. I must report each happening in my life no matter how embarrassing it may prove to be. Other cancer warriors may be finding solace in my journey and knowledge from my triumphs and failures.

Over the course of my cancer journey, I have found it is the failures from which we learn the most. If something negative happened in my cancer travails, I wanted to shout it from the mountaintops so others like me could learn.

The successes were vital as well. Going on a mission, I tried to sound the successes right along with the failures. I was utterly determined to “pay it forward.” Many within my community had counseled me on the do’s and don’ts of cancer. Some of those wise souls are still advising me, while others have passed on to a better place. I find that I owe those kind souls a debt of gratitude that must include within the payment a strong attempt to “pay it forward.”

Putting your thoughts on paper

My final act in the praise reports was the act of giving heartfelt thanks to all who had aided my family and I during our battle with cancer. Whether it was prayers, kind words, visits, calls, text messages, Facebook posts, gifts of food, financial aid, or by other means, I was in awe of the kindness of our community and fellow man.

You, my fellow cancer warriors, may not wish to share all the details of your daily struggle, but I urge you to put your thoughts to paper. Writing down your trials or triumphs can calm the soul, allowing you to take inventory of your blessings. It may also bring to light any changes that may need to occur in your life or in your treatment pathway. Some may be out there just waiting for the knowledge you have to impart.

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