In memory of Doug Sparling

Remembering Doug Sparling

We are incredibly saddened to share that team member Doug Sparling passed away on September 19, 2021. Doug was a husband, a father, and a tireless advocate for prostate cancer patients. He is dearly missed.

A dedicated advocate

Doug was diagnosed in October 2017 with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer. Advocacy was his passion, and he sought to raise awareness to help other men learn from his experience. His prostate cancer journey inspired him to create Cancer As Art, as he lived by the catch phrase “when life gives you cancer, make art.”

Sharing his story

Doug inspired us with his story and helped lift up others. We are grateful to be able to share the articles he wrote for below:

Help us remember Doug

We know that a passing of any community member is not easy. You can read more about Doug's life in his obituary. If you would like to share any memories or stories about Doug, please share them in the comments below.

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