I Share This in the Hope

No one knows the pain, distress, or whatever you want to name it that a cancer survivor goes through. I am just opening up about my vulnerable state in a written format rather than some video on YouTube.

All I want to do is help and inspire other men. Today, I am able to help other men with my positive attitude and outlook.

Encouraging others to get checked

Often, I am seen on a soapbox telling men to get checked. What worries me most are these latecomers. Many of these men will find out when it's too late. Like I almost did. In light of this, I was troubled. One of our biggest problems is men not talking about prostate cancer.

In addition, I find some younger men are not getting screened sooner. I think earlier in the 40s can be a good thing.

Trying to remain positive

I try to remain positive for all those around me. My children, grandchildren, and my wife, and in doing so, it makes me stronger. I am not saying that I am always on the upper level of being positive. There are days I have struggled and felt it's all gone wrong. However, I remain upbeat and continue. A positive outlook is the key, I believe. The mind can help the body.

It is how you think and program yourself, much like a computer. My medical team informed me that the day might come when the prostate cancer drug Abiraterone stops working. However, unlike in previous years, they now claim other treatments are available.

I am going to use Abiraterone until it stops working. I thank God every day that it has not been as bad as it could have been. When I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer eleven years ago, my inner voice restrained me from crying. My inner voice is spiritual.

A deeper understanding of the nature and function of my consciousness can help me feel in control of my life and give meaning to my existence. I can control my consciousness even in my darkest moments. The news was not good, but my head remained unbowed.

What else I've learned

Only through William Ernest Henley's creative lyrics can I express my fortitude in the face of adversity. "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul." Since my diagnosis, I've been in charge of my trip. It was not uncommon for me to feel out of control at times.

Every day, I chatted with my subconscious, seeking advice and asking it a variety of things. I suppose there were times I hoped it would be a two-way conversation, but this was not to be. The silent, inconclusive questions remained unanswered. If only I could roll back the clock to that point. If only I could go back in time to that moment when my body realized cancer was activating within it. How different might my life be today?

I now know there is an aberrant gene in my family. As a result, my children will test considerably sooner than they would have otherwise. To me, this is a good thing. The future is exciting and full of real-life-prolonging possibilities.

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