What It’s Like To Be Part of a Prostate Cancer Support Group

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer 15 years ago at the age of seventy-two. Today he is eighty-eight. I was lost as a daughter as to what to do or say to him at that time.

Joining a support group

I eventually joined a men’s support group to learn more, but I knew I wanted to be that voice for other men, even if I was a woman. The one thing that stuck out to me as an advocate for PC is that everyone talked about getting tested early. My father gets regular checkups, so I’m sure this is what helped him also.

After being a part of ProstateCancer.net for a few years, I realized I wanted to do more and spread the word. So, I started attending other support groups that were mostly men. At first, I felt out of place, but they started telling me things that they wouldn’t share with their loved ones. I try to give them the best advice that I have learned over the years from being a part of this group.

Talking to a woman

Of course, transitioning into this role was not easy. Men would think that because I was a woman that I wouldn’t get it. Boy, were they in for a surprise. Some began to realize that just talking about their illness to a woman was a better way to deal with the disease and not hide from it. It's hard to confront your disease. I have heard things that are difficult to discuss and may be embarrassing to tell others.

There’s no greater feeling than to have someone contact me and say they are now a part of ProstateCancer.net and what a reliable source of information this is. They begin to realize they are not alone and there are people out there who do understand. I will continue to be a part of this group and continue to educate myself.

Everyone comes together

One thing I have got out of being part of a men’s support group is that everyone comes together to help one another. They share information, services, and support. They lend on each other for support.

I have been a part of this support group for 2 years. There are so many awesome men there who are more than happy to explain things to me in detail. It has helped me as a woman to understand different things. You would be shocked at how many men are in awe at my knowledge. I have learned so much from the young men at ProstateCancer.net who are so full of knowledge.

Of course, I will never understand what it feels like to have prostate cancer, but I can give a different perspective on this from a woman’s point of view in an understandable way.

You're not alone

Being a part of ProstateCancer.net has helped me explain things intelligently. Overall, it has help me to spread awareness to men and women who will continue to come to me for questions and trust me. I enjoy the men in my circle at ProstateCancer.net. They are always willing to step up and give me advice and guidance if I don’t understand something.

We need people who understand and know that this can be life-changing. Being a part of this community gives me goosebumps. I have been able to help my 88-year-old dad out in so many ways since being here. It’s so much greater than me.

Yes, finding out that you have prostate cancer is challenging, but remember you are not alone. Also, don’t count me out because I’m a woman.

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