Sometimes Too Late Can Be Costly

Over and over again we are taught early prevention. Yet so many of us ignore this. Many people with prostate cancer do not take these measures seriously. You’re sent to do the blood work. You get to the doctor’s office and he’s letting you know something is wrong. Your blood work comes back implicating cancer cells in your prostate. At this moment is when the process begins that you know you must do something, if given an option.

Never put your health on the backburner

When you notice changes like discoloration or a sore just pops up. This could be a pre-warning sign of something wrong. However, we don't get the seriousness of it right away. It may be prostate cancer but we don’t know, we didn’t go get it checked.

There’s an old saying my father’s doctor said to him years ago. There are some cancers you die of and some you die with. He said some prostate cancers do grow slow, but you just can’t assume yours is that one.

You don’t want to get to that last minute results and know you didn’t do anything about it until the very last minute. Yes, I know, people have told me they refused treatment for their prostate cancer and are waiting to see what would happen. What I’m saying is the longer we put it off after knowing for certain the more we are hurting ourselves.

Building a trustworthy healthcare team

Our health is nothing to second guess or play around with. We really need to take it seriously. If the doctor has said you need to start chemo or radiation, then I think it is in our best interest to do so at once. This may be your saving grace. When we take it upon ourselves and say that I will wait it out, then we get those consequences, which could be good, bad or indifferent. The reality is simply being too late can be very costly and can cost you your life. I have experienced those outcomes of refusal and they are not so great. Let's not pay the enormous cost of self-negligence and premature death because of emotional versus rational decisions.

If you feel you need to get a second opinion then do it right away. As we all know there are many ways to treat prostate cancer. Unless your doctor tells you that you need to jump on this right away, you can make a plan of action for your disease and get the proper treatment. Once you start a treatment, I don’t think you can look back; especially if it’s radiation or surgery. Get that second opinion if you have to; you want to make the best possible decision for you.

Taking ownership of your health

Many times these treatments are our last resort, and you’ve exhausted every other option for a treatment strategy. Always be mindful that we are co-pilots in our lives. Some things we can prevent and some we have no control over.

At the end of the day ask yourself this question, how much am I willing to give and sacrifice for optimal health? I never want to be the one who, because I failed to do everything, was told that I failed. We all know that no one wants to be sick and we didn’t sign up for cancer or any other kind of things that life brings. Just remember we do have to really take care of ourselves and be grateful that these treatments exist. I know no one wants to suffer unnecessarily; we all desire longevity and great health.

Early detection is the bottom line, this is why I emphasize physicals, yearly checkups, and self-awareness of our bodies. Do homework on your doctor of choice and ask questions, lots of them. I mean after all, it is your body we are talking about.

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