A man sits and lies on the floor in three different gentle yoga positions.

Yoga For Prostate Cancer

I've talked about my father a lot and his journey with prostate cancer. Before his diagnosis, I don’t think I had ever heard much about this illness. Today, I know a lot more.

My father is getting older and was having a few more pains, so I asked his doctor whether there was anything he can do to combat it. His doctor suggested yoga. Yep, I said yoga. His doctor told him this could help uplift the body’s responsiveness and physical flexibility. I have always heard that yoga helps get rid of your body’s stress.

Yoga for people with prostate cancer

I figured there was nothing for my dad to lose, and figured that yoga could help make a person's mood better and help them have a more positive attitude toward life.

I guess you’re wondering: how does it work for prostate cancer fighters? I talked to a yoga instructor, and she gave some positive feedback. Yoga can do good things for the body and make your blood flow more active. You can do specific movements like holding and maintaining positions. These positions can work on the core muscles and help make them stronger. My father has been able to do a few at his age.

A major issue related to side effects of prostate cancer treatment, of course, is the intimacy part. I can’t even begin to even answer that part about my father. But I have heard that yoga could bring positive changes in that area. One 2017 study suggested that yoga could potentially reduce urinary and sexual side effects of treatment.1

My father's experience

My father is very elderly, so I did take him a few times. He struggled, but he liked going a lot. I think this is something that middle-age and younger men can also benefit from. Yoga can be specially designed for positions and times according to how much work you can do alongside your already tough treatment.

Of course, yoga can’t completely subside the disease, but I think it can be one tool to help cope with it and feel more positive and hopeful.

Improving life

I know yoga is not for everyone; it's just something to potentially help make life better and healthier than before. Yoga is not just about body movements and flexible turns and twists; it can help refresh the overall mood of the body. I think it can help a person feel more content with their life situations, which can help bring about change.

I believe that everything in life that brings a positive mindset can bring changes to your body. My father is a perfect example of this. He is eighty-eight and thinks he can run marathons. I think yoga and a person's response to treatment can make them more willful to approach life with new energy.

Men, please get checked early. I know what I'm talking about.

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