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There Is Always Hope - A Survivor's Story

Diane speaks with a man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer at a young age: 40. He shares how he fought severe depression, turned to loved ones for support, and learned to live with hope.

Life turned upside down at a young age

I felt like a truck had hit me. Depression had taken over my whole being. Misery and madness set in.

My whole life changing, turned upside down in one swoop. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Sounds normal to some people given the fact that it may not always severely affect you. I have always been the special one. Why not now? Why not here, too?

Severe depression kicked in, and it felt like my masculinity was slipping away. Honestly speaking, life is hard for me right now. I'm only 40 years old. How could this be?

Urination problems and erectile dysfunction

My first symptom was not being able to urinate properly. Most importantly, the worst part was erectile dysfunction. Every time I suffered from it, there was a thought in my mind that this prostate cancer will rob my bride-to-be from me.

I was so afraid of losing the love of my life. I feared not being able to give her the passion and love she deserves. She proved me wrong on this one.

My first encounter with this uninvited guest that resides in my body (referring to cancer) was one cold evening. I was having an intimate evening with my girlfriend. Feeling flooded over me that I was not able to satisfy her. I just thought it was a bad evening and ignored it.

A few days I had trouble urinating. Words can not explain the pain I had to go through. Many times I have this disturbing feeling in my bladder to urinate. I think, "am I never going to be able to completely empty my bladder?"

Feeling defeated with prostate cancer

I had to have surgery immediately. After coming out of the surgery room, I heard this young doctor talking about how bad my prostate cancer was. He was saying how bad this was going to affect me.

Those words from the doctor felt like he sucked out all my strength. I felt like a defeated warrior and wanted to give up. This cancer was pulling the life right out out from under me.

A voice of hope

There is always hope at the end of tunnel. There was a voice in my room. My sweetheart was there. I could hear her speaking.

She was there, sitting by my side and telling me how much she loves me. How she is always going to be by my side. It felt like she brought in all the strength I had lost and gave me hope.

It was a hope to live, love, and survive.

We all have bad times in our life; don’t give up. This has been the hardest time of my life. None of us know what the future holds. My surgery was 6 months ago. Here I am, living and not just surviving.

Love pulls me through

The road getting here was not easy. I have had plenty of ups and downs with my illness. The love of my life held my hand and walked me through the toughest path.

It is not like I have recovered from this. It's her love that nullifies the pain and suffering. It’s HER who helps me live with affection. Together we walked through the thorns slowly. I never even feel the pain. Love has domination over pain. This love gives me strength to live!

I would like to leave these words with you my friend: get checked early. It could saved your life.

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