Changing Urologists?

Over the years my relationship with my Urologist was limited to about 15 minutes per year, when we would look at my low PSA score, do a quick rectal finger wave and schedule again for the following year.

That all changed when my PSA doubled a year ago and he said, “well that’s interesting”. I asked what that meant and he said he didn’t know but thought we should recheck it in 6 months. 6 months later the lab report said it doubled again, but I didn’t hear from him. When I called to ask he said “let’s check it again in 6 more months.” Basically it was a whole year of waiting without knowing anything or hearing from the doctor. Finally after a year and another elevation he decided to do a biopsy, but didn’t tell me the outcome until I called and asked.

My Urologist is a specialist who also sees normal urology patients when he’s not in surgery. I think his mind is on his surgery patients and not on the normal prostate patients.

I’m thinking about looking for another Urologist, one who is in a smaller practice and who might be easier to contact and interact with. I don’t know quite how to do it and stay in contact with my results. I don’t want to have to repeat all the tests and scans again, but would like to move ahead with treatment.

Any opinions?

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