Diagnosed at 46

I was diagnosed at 46 years old. Prior to diagnosis, I had blood in my urine periodically, urinary incontinence (mild), and some other symptoms. I was told over and over again that even though my PSA was extremely high for my age (following a negative biopsy and MRI) that these were not necessarily indicators of prostate cancer. Fortunately for me, I am married to a pediatric oncology nurse who insisted we continue to follow through. And I have to say a great Urologist who suspected something was up (also had a very small prostate)… A second biopsy found the cancer and my doc immediately recommended removal of the prostate.

My surgeon said we could wait but we didn’t. After surgery we discovered the cancer was leaving the prostate and had migrated to the margin. Long story short…listen to your body. If you don’t feel it’s normal, put aside your pride and fear of the tests and make sure you are ok. I am convinced my outcome would have been different if I had ignored my wife and doc and refused the tests I didn’t want to endure. And I am very thankful I didn’t “watch and wait”. That may have been a death sentence. Or at least additional challenges I didn’t need. Please feel free to message me if you have questions. It hasn’t been easy, but I am very thankful and satisfied with the path I took.

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