Better Late Than Never: Diagnosis & Treatment

In the 68 years I have been alive, no one has ever checked my PSA. Finally, a urologist that I have been going to for 10 years did one. Results came back as 6 and so the doctor did a biopsy. Out of 12 core samples, 10 were cancerous. On the Gleason score, they were 4+3=7. Also did a bone scan and found out that the cancer was all contained in the prostate.

Getting into remission

The surgeon would not operate because of complications. So radiation was the only option left. Went to a radiologist who did regular radiation but told me there was a better way to radiate. He recommended proton radiation which I did. 44 treatments in 9 weeks and the PSA score went down to 0.001, cancer in remission. So far in 1 year PSA stayed at 0.001.

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