Looking Back

Looking back now over two years since I was treated the one thing I wish I had were honest and competent Drs. Had I been given honest and accurate information I would have walked out the door and NEVER been treated, but then the Drs would not have been able to bill my insurance company huge sums of money. I will NEVER trust another medical Dr as long as I live. In fairness to the Drs; no Drs anywhere have any idea what causes cancer and no Dr anywhere knows how to “cure” cancer, they just suggest treatments that have different degrees of effectiveness and varying degrees of side effects. No one will be more surprised than the Dr how your treatments turn out. Problem is they have a tendency to do what is financially best for them.

Some of us value quality of life over quantity, but the Drs never think to ask that, they just assume you are so terrified of dying you will submit to anything.

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