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Hello, all my name is Thomas. I’m 53 years old… nice to meet you all. Let’s see where do I start...

Well, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2020. Like most, it was definitely a devastating blow to me. My mind started fast-forwarding to my kid's life, my wife, I started thinking will I be there for them? Did I do all I could for them, you know the usual stuff. My PSA was around 125, so I began researching, and everywhere I looked, I only saw people having PSA scores as high as 20? So I was confused. Was I missing a decimal point or something? lol

My oncologist and urologist told me a number that high means you definitely have cancer and that I needed to start thinking of a treatment plan right away. So I decided to go with surgery in January. My urologist said he would do his best to preserve one side of the bundle of nerves, but to no avail, that didn’t work out, so now not only am I dealing with urinary incontinence but the reality that I will have ED the rest of my life. And at 53, I was very much enjoying sex with the wife!

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Anyway, after surgery, my pathology report says that some of the cancer may have spread to the seminal vesicles. Now they want me to do radiation and hormone therapy, but doing research makes my understanding that won’t be a cure either. I’m pretty much decided against doing the radiation treatments.

For now, I have been looking at natural alternatives for beating this disease. All of this is new to me, but I just can’t see how further damaging my body with their current treatments is helping “quality of life vs. quantity of life.” I am very much confused. Sorry for such a long intro but I’m glad to finally connect with other men who are or will be on this same journey.

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