My Journey Begins...Decision Time

Hello Everybody!

My name is Dennis...67...Retired! I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2021 after DRE, PSA, 4K tests led to a truss biopsy... My PSA is 1.9, which I’m told is good, but 4K came back at 22, which I’m told was high... We went right to prostate biopsy... perhaps we should’ve gone with MRI first... 12 samples taken...8 showed benign, and 4 showed adenocarcinoma... Gleason score 6, Group 1... You have cancer, Dennis! 😱😳 My wonderful spouse and I were deer-in-the-headlights though we were expecting to hear those dreaded words...

Discussing treatment options

My case was handed over to their surgeon and radiologist to discuss my options... Active surveillance was a distant 3rd option going into discussions, neither of which suggested it... my apologies if I’m getting long-winded...

The surgeon requested an MRI and additional tests on the biopsy samples... MRI came back saying hemorrhaging from biopsy blocked some imaging but no spread...

My radiologist oncologist was very convincing that giving him 9 weeks Monday to Friday he could save me the incontinence and other side effects of surgery... Thought I found the right approach... Wifey and I were onboard the R train!

Decision time

After signing financial and consent forms to implant markers and a gel device to protect the rectum, I received the other biopsy report saying I’m a candidate for Active Surveillance, after all, 😳 saying I have about a 1.7% chance of prostate cancer-killing me... Wow! I need some advice...please.

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