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My Testimony!

Sharing my story…I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 2007 with a P.S.A. score of 14 which drew a RED FLAG right away. That score was extremely high for a black man over 50 years of age. I cringed of course however; there it was I HAD CANCER. During that time, I was all alone in Northern California with none of my real friends or family around. At first, I did not know what to do, then I prayed on it and within about five minutes, all of my thoughts were getting busy. Go to work on it fight, fight, fight and that is what I did. I called my doctor the next day to ask what I could do. How do I fight this thing? The doctor said, “Please come in and talk to me”. I did that and the doctor gave me options. I chose RADIATION as a treatment and had 42 treatments in 2007.

I am CELEBRATING TEN YEARS of being CANCER FREE IN 2017 AND I THANK GOD FOR ALL MY HEALING!!!!. This is my testimony to all men-You have choices, You are NOT alone, exercise your right to live, thrive and have more birthdays with your family.

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