Prostate Cancer at 53

I was diagnosed in June with Gleason score intermediate borderline high. I am having robotic surgery today to remove prostate. Dr is going to try to spare nerves, says operation will take four hours. Been a huge emotional drain and now more and more scared as time nears closer. I have heard comments “it’s only prostate cancer, no big deal”. I don’t understand how people can say that. It is Cancer and extremely scary and life changing. Praying that all goes well this afternoon.

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  • sevensix
    8 hours ago

    Robotic surgery for me was an incredible experience.
    Hours after surgery I was ready to go home without pain meds, I felt terrific. Recovery was free of complaint. Bladder control takes effort and ED will challenge you but overall you’ll do well. Keep us informed!

  • Tnewman
    4 months ago

    Chefback, I have had many surgeries and found this to be my worst, but I had nothing compared to yours. I am glad you are doing better and hope you keep improving.

  • Deemusicman
    4 months ago

    God bless,,I’m 5 months post surgery ,doing good it takes time to heal,,,,Keep the faith ,,…

  • Chefback author
    5 months ago

    I had my surgery on 8/14 finished around 9:30pm. Had my blood pressure drop, kidneys go out and an internal bleed. I was in ICU for two days, one day in hospital and was discharged Saturday. I am currently having minor issue with an incision. My emotions have become very scrambled with a lot of anxiety and confusion. I go for a follow up on Thursday. There was a whole lot more to the surgery and recovery than I anticipated. I had open colon surgery back in 2005, and this surgery was much worse than the colon surgery.

  • ninaw moderator
    5 months ago

    This sounds like a really frightening situation, @Chefback. I hope you don’t remember much of the actual events. It is no wonder to me that you’re dealing with anxiety and confusion, after such a traumatic surgery. We’re wishing you better days ahead and luck with recovery. Please keep checking back when you can. – Nina, Team

  • Doug Sparling moderator
    5 months ago

    @chefback – Let us know how everything goes, we’ll all be thinking of you. Yes, cancer is scary (and rightly so) regardless of the type or stage. Prostate cancer IS a big deal and no one should say it isn’t. Be well! – Doug, Team

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