Stage 7 diagnosis

A christmas cancer diagnosis

Three years ago on Christmas Eve afternoon, I had 14 samples taken from my prostate. The morning after Christmas I was called to my urologist's office to be told I was a stage 7 cancer was diagnosed. I was advised to seek immediate prostate removal. I spent the next two days researching other ways to treat my cancer. I discovered Proton treatments in Dallas at Scott White Proton Center.

Proton therapy for prostate cancer

I met with the dr that had invented the treatment and immediately started treatment. Shots in the stomach, radiation pills, and estrogen destroy all testosterone. Because of Covid, I have delayed my colonoscopy until April when colon cancer was diagnosed. Facing a life of no sex, a catheter, and possibly a colostomy bag I backed out of treatment. I decided to live out my time left by the ocean and chose Puerto Vallarta. I only use Flowmax now to allow urination. I don’t see doctors except for colds or minor infections. I use Ibuprofen for occasional pains. When the time comes I will have my ashes scattered in the bay. My thoughts have gone from fear to rage to acceptance. I don’t know how long till the pain will become unbearable but I live my life from day to day trying to help those I can. I learned early in life that quality was more desirable than quantity. I have no regrets about my decisions!

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