If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I must be Superman!

PSA went from 6 to 30...Quick timeline...June 26, 2020. MRI results were positive. Biopsy/Gleason score 9. Started with Casodex for 2 weeks. First of four Lupron shots. PSA started going down. Started radiation treatments (44).

The hormone treatments were taking their toll on me

At least 75% of all side effects. I'll list, starting with the worst:

  1. I was an emotional wreck. When the doctor finally told me I may need to be on hormone therapy for a year or two I lost it... No more Lupron for me! Last shot in November.
  2. Hot flashes/meltdowns, cold chills, heat sensitivity every hour or so 24/7
  3. No energy
  4. Weight gain
  5. No libido
  6. Incontinency....I'll stop there

Talking to my doctor

I had a heart-to-heart discussion with the doctor about other medications available. Now I'm taking Erleada. It's working. PSA .3..... Still recovering from Lupron.

Feeling stronger

It's been a year since diagnosis. Feeling stronger and not as emotional. I still have hot flashes not as severe or often. I love my $15 turbofans from Wal-Mart. Better have good insurance for Erleada... $14,000 for 120 tablets. I have found strength in reading others' stories/fight against good cancer...... I hope the best for all affected. Take care.

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