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55 and looking for some insight

I was diagnosed two years ago. Have been doing active surveillance since. 3 biopsy’s -1 MRI—multiple Psa tests

Latest biopsy revealed 3 areas of concern one (3-3) and 2 (3-4) all effected area at 5%
PSA has gone from 6+ to over 9 in the last 2 years
Urologist is suggesting removal but I have concerns that I may be jumping the gun

I understand everyone is different but…..I just don’t want to regret a decision either way

  1. Just what is it you are waiting for to happen?

    What is it you think you will regret?
    I had radiation and brachy six months ago. Ive been noticing some morning erections the last month.

    1. By the way my name is Mark I think it’s just the fact that I like my quality of life I currently have. I have no symptoms. Also MRI came back as a PIRADS2 - Low (clinically significant
      cancer is unlikely to be present).
      And with the biopsy coming back with the 3 areas affected at 5% it just seems to me that I might want to continue active surveillance.
      I’m thinking about getting a second opinion and having someone else review all my tests.
      I’m thinking —if it’s not affecting my physically why should remove it —what if just stays at that low percentage for years not affecting anything

      1. I would get some other opinions from other doctors and practices. See if radiation is an option. See if HIFU is an option. I had EBRT a year ago with virtually no side effects. No leakage, no ED

        1. Cancer that is contained in prostate can be (depending on your choices) very curable. PCa outside the prostate is almost incurable.

          Biopsies usually have 12 tiny needles.
          MRIs can only see PCa that has grown past 2-5mm dia. So.. docs don’t truly know, they make an educated guess as to what might be in your prostate.
          I had 2 MRIs and neither saw anything, not even the biopsy proven location.

          Look up micro mets.

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