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[59M]What is best method of determining if prostate cancer has spread to lymph nodes?

I apologise for making yet another thread with questions. Let me know if I'm asking too much on this forum.


Diagnosis: Gleason 4+3=7, T2c, PSA 7.8.

Some classify as high risk, some as intermediate-unfavorable.

Is PSMA/PET currently best method of determining if cancer has spread to lymph nodes?

Cyberknife (SBRT radiation) doctor suggests 5 radiation treatments without adding hormone therapy or anything else.

If I will do this, I want to make sure there are no mets anywhere else and that it is localised in prostate only.

CT scan shows clean, MRI showed prostate only, but is this the most accurate way to tell?

Can't figure out if PSMA / PET would be useful in giving additional info here.

Cyberknife (SBRT) doc said its not necessary, but other docs online say it could be useful.

  1. At some point research becomes its own end. When and how to break the cycle is not simple and neither is treating this thing called "prostate cancer" which is a complex disease with many treatment options none of which can guarantee 100% success. I decided to move forward with what felt right at the time

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