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After prostatectomy PSA rising

Had Radical Prostatectomy July 2021
First PSA test was .03 Sept 2021
Dec PSA test result is .10

This can't be normal !

Any words to help me is appreciated

  1. My was firts Oct 20 is 0.04 and December 2 was 0.1

    1. We appreciate your sharing, . Has the doctor said anything about this brief rise in PSA? -Samuel, Team Member

  2. Any coments

    1. I have an appointment Friday Dec 17th 2021 to discuss with Urologist.

      1. good luck
        Let me know what you urologist say please

    2. Can you give me more details about your cancer, the initial characteristics of the tumor: PSA score, Gleason score, anatomopathology. Maybe by private message

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