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All things ED (erectile dysfunction)

So many men going through the prostate cancer journey suffer from erectile dysfunction. This dysfunction can come from different causes and can also be treated in different ways.

This is the place to discuss problems with ED and any other sexual side effects.

What caused your ED?

How have you treated your ED?

What questions do you have for the community about ED?

  1. I have been using Bi-Mix for 8 months about 2 times a week almost no good results. Has anyone else had this experience?

    1. A few guys in the support group have used this with great success. Reported issues can be ... initial concerned with injecting that part of your body ... repeated injections to the same spot can apparently cause a loss of sensitivity, and ... finally an erection lasting over 4hrs which can be painful. You most likely will want to chat with your urologist on technique, use and dosage

    2. 100% yes

  2. Thus far I have tried Cialis and Stendra with no results. However, now nine months since my surgery, I'm noticing some additional blood flow when aroused. I'm hoping this is a sign of good things to come. Will Jones Moderator

    1. As my doctor pointed out it is a muscle and needs to be used/exercised. Nerves are the slowest to regenerate, some quicker then others.

  3. Sounds about like me I have been doing BiMix injections with not a lot of results. But like you feel I’m getting some feeling movement down there. Good luck

    1. Same here been using bi mix for about a year now

  4. I have used the pump and ring, cavajet with some success but for me painful once injected and can last for 3 1/2 hours! I have recently tried viagra in the hope it would help blood flow and reduce the amount I need to inject. Low and behold it works on its own! It shouldn’t as I had non nerve sparing surgery but it does! 👍😎🙂 3 1/2 years after surgery so never give up, keep stimulating the mind and your tackle and I hope you get a result somewhere along the way! Chris moderator

    1. that is awesome to hear. I'm a year out from NNS surgery and using Trimix. I'm experimenting with mixing viagra in order to reduce the amount of Trimix (making it less achy). It would be awesome one day to see the viagra work alone!

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