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Nutrition and Exercise

A place to share ideas for healthy living following a prostate cancer diagnosis or treatment.

  1. So...It's been about 24 months since the end of hormone therapy (6 months) with Lupron, and about 22 months since my last radiation treatment (45). I will be getting back to the gym today, for the first time. I'm hoping that I can regain lost muscle, energy, and endurance, and that I can lose the fat that has accumulated on my waist. What can I reasonably expect from strength training and cardio? I just read a discouraging article from the Harvard Medical Journal, I believe, that stated energy levels at a decade after treatment for any form of cancer, rarely returns. I was a very active guy before treatment. Played a lot of golf, (walking), and was pretty much a gym rat. I appreciate any input.

    1. I thinks that it depends on the individual...If you really commit to losing the weight you will....I also believe with correct weight workouts you will add muscle tone...The fatigue, I don't know.

      I'm in the same situation as you. In my 3rd month of hormone therapy, will start brachytherapy and ERT in early May....Haven't gained weight, but the fatigue factor is awful. Still trying to workout, but difficult....

      Good luck to you, and God be with you....

      1. Thought this was worth sharing. I follow Dr. Greger and have two of his books, all of the profits of which go to fund the web site

        Hope this is of value to others.

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