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What are your approaches to sex and intimacy after treatment?

A place to talk about personal experiences with sex and intimacy. Remember - you're welcome to discuss products, but no sales or soliciting!

  1. I have a couple of issues to discuss but I see no "traffic" here! Are there no postings on the topic of sex after treatment?

    1. I have had ED worsen as a result of radiation tx, but I respond well to C-ring and ED meds, which really make a big difference! C-rings are too often overlooked, and too often used improperly.

      My main frustration has been inability to reach orgasm ever since bicalutimide and Lupron tx even though I have refused these meds now for several years due to some dangerous side effects (And I have done well without them!). I'm looking for info from others who may have had similar experience, and maybe some helpful suggestions.

      1. It looks like Hsieh was involved in that study, too. I'm about to have my 6th and last Xofigo infusion. (And getting my insurance to pay for it when I hadn't "failed" on Lupron was a minor miracle!) My blood tests show that it's working, but It is not expected to be a cure, just a way to impact cancer for months, or years if I'm really lucky. And, no side effects! Nothing! There is a list of potential issues with it but I have not had any of them. There is some temporary risk of radioactivity for others who share a bathroom, but there are easy ways to mitigate this.

      2. I too have experienced the inability to consistently orgasm. It’s frustrating because none of my doctors have helped and give me no ideas or even acknowledge it. So, thanks to a loving wife, I just deal with it. Any hope for this condition? I did lose 60 pounds and hoped that would help. I feel better but the problem still exists.

    2. Nine months after surgery, I am still experiencing erectile dysfunction. My wife and I have adjusted to my condition by adding more loving touch and stimulation to our intimate moments. And we create an intimate environment to accent our intimacy. We both try to be present, not thinking about what we're not able to do, but what we are doing. Mutual orgasm is still part of our experience because I learned that an erection is not necessary for a man to have an orgasm. Yes, our intimacy is different, but it is also satisfying.

      1. Good that you can "get there"! We have tried all sorts of sensual touching and long foreplay, sometimes off and on playfully for a couple of days before we get serious, but still even though my erection is pretty reliable, my result is not. I feel excitement and feel very into it, but just can't get to that stage of inevitability. She often has a good time and that is great as far as that goes, but my eventual frustration effects both of us. We're still hoping for an answer.

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