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Has anyone had the artificial sphincter surgery?

My husband is considering this but is very unsure of it. I had a previous question regarding what clamps are good to use. He uses the Bard Cunningham clamp and hates it.

My husband has no active cancer. It’s the effects of the radiation that’s the primary issue. He’s being seen at The James Cancer Center at Ohio State University. Thank you for any help you can offer regarding what you do for your incontinence. As his wife, it hurts me deeply to see him like this. God bless you all.

Thank you!

  1. I've had incontinence since my surgery 5 years ago. I disliked the Bard as well. I settled on the "Wiesner Incontinence Clamp" or similar Lunderg Clamp. To me, it's not as bulky, easy to use and clean. The cost is $30 - $35 on Amazon.

    1. Thanks for the tip for the Wiesner Incontinence Clamp. I just ordered one & am supposed to get it on Feb 3.

  2. I have also been offered this surgery but wondering about it. I want to know how long it lasts. Do I want surgery again in 10 years? I have also heard biking can damage it. I love biking. I just can't decide. Let me know if he goes ahead and how he finds it... Anyone else here had it? What is it like?

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