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How much will a biopsy hurt?

  1. Of all the treatments I have been through, the biopsy was probably the most painful and uncomfortable. The feeling was like a very sharp stabbing like pain in my groin. The only positive was that the procedure does not last very long and your up and off the table in 15 minutes. There is no pain after the biopsy but you will have blood in your urine for a few days.

    1. I feel fortunate as I've had a lot worse procedures. I remember hearing "the click" of the instrument that took each "plug" out of my prostate and a minor discomfort each of the 12 times. Like almost all medical procedures I've had, I wouldn't want it done again (and now without a prostate it won't be done again). But in the end, it probably saved my life and a lot of agony as they got the cancer early.

      1. Hello, So when I was diagnosed back ten years ago in 2007 my Biopsy did not hurt at all, in fact I was put under for it. I am not sure how it is performed these days but my thought is that its the same, I say that because I have not had one since 2007. So if they put you under you should NOT feel anything at all, just maybe sore afterwards. I am also sure that if you have a biopsy while awake yes you may feel something, that's commend sense.

        1. Please excuse the last line, I meant to say GOOD COMMON SENSE. When I reread this post I realized I make a mistake by misspelling the word COMMON, so I am correcting it here and now thanks.

        2. Not for mine,was told not available,

      2. I should have the area deadened more. I had never had this done before and did not know what to expect. Luckily it doesnt last very long. I did count the shots and was glad when we got to twelve. I would just say get deadened a lot in the area.

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