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Hygiene and possible problems during bladder training?

While I have a very good doctor and surgeon, nowhere in his literature or followup explanations following prostate surgery could I find information on how to best keep clean and dry while I retrain my muscles to control my bladder. I found in spite of showers and dry cloths and changes of "Depends" that my urine leakage really irritated my genital area. While I talked to my doctor and checked for a UTI (none) he and his nurses could only offer basic cleanliness ideas to clear up my irritations. At times it felt like I had a thousand ants biting me! I have checked on line in many searches and the only offers are to take daily showers and use absorbent pads, etc. There seems to be more literature for women and possible infections, and what to do about it, than for men. My resource turned out to be my wife! She offered me a cream (for external vaginal use) that worked well, as well as suggesting that I "free willie" every day sitting on some clean towels and just drying out while I read or watch TV. Even my doctor agreed this was probably best! We who have prostate surgery could use more information about this following surgery.

  1. I can relate to this so much. I had this same conversation with my father. He was trying to explain to me how uncomfortable he was down there. I was like WHAT!! He was around 75 at the time. I didn't know much about men products for being uncomfortable, but I had my share of using women products. I also brought him so vagina cream that work wonders for him. He was a happy camper!!

    1. Diane, what kind of vagina cream? I am using A and D at the moment, tried diaper rash meds and believe it or not bag balm. I am still irritated.

  2. I don't remember the name of it right now. I know it was a over the counter cream from Walmart.

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