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Bone strengthener Prolia and alternatives?

We all know the meds and radiation take their toll by weakening bone density. My doc is wanting me to start Prolia. There is a slight chance of Prolia causing unstoppable bone growth in the jaw.
So I ask, pros and cons you have experienced on Prolia and recommended alternatives?

  1. My Oncologist had a DEXA bone scan done before beginning treatment and surprise! I already had osteoporosis in the spine and hip. Along with ADT this seemed a real issue so I am seeing a Rheumatologist and he prescribed Reclast which is a once a year IV infusion. I was really knocked out by the Reclast for 2 days with chills, aches and extreme fatigue. I won't know until the next bone scan how it is working - about a year.

    1. thanks. I will ask about reclast as I have osteoporosis in spine and pelvis.

  2. I assume that this is a bisphosphonate? If that’s the case there is a small risk of necrosis of the jaw so it’s really important to be in good dental health before starting on it and to maintain that dental health

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