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Cancer Says Hello Again.

Not me this time, but my daughter with pretty serious breast cancer. She is going full speed. Breast removal, chemo, port, hair falling out-more surgery and maybe radiation in a bit.

Sucks she's sick, sucks I'm sick. But seeing her go through it now opens a lot of wounds. But right now its about her. Prayers appreciated-her name is Jenny and she's 45 sigle Mom of two.


Dan Franke, Team Member,

  1. Hi . So sorry to hear about your daughter's diagnosis. No doubt seeing her go through this is extremely difficult. Don't know if you have seen that we have a sister-site for advanced breast cancer at Wishing you and your entire family the best. Richard ( Team)

    1. Hi, Richard. I referred our daughter to the sister-site for advance breast cancer as she felt she had a lot she could share with others that might be helpful. She is stage 2 so is not able to contribute to this site as stage 2 is not considered advanced breast cancer. We're okay with that. Glad to know it's not considered advanced even though she has been (and is still continuing) so much treatment. We firmly believe that people will be put in her path who could gain from her sharing her experience. She is doing well. Chemo done. Hooray. Currently in the midst of five days a week, five weeks of radiation. Then more surgery. But she's doing well and looks forward to her future.

      1. man, I’m sorry. You've had enough to deal with without this, and I’ve found that a loved one's cancer reawakens old feelings in me that aren’t so good. But I’m glad she’s getting the care, and has you and your experience to support her. Take care of her and yourself too!

        1. It is not easy to see another family member face cancer. And while it brings back a lot of my negative memories is also reminds me of where I am now on my journey - Still here and living life. While it is difficult I will say my daughter and I share a deeper bond because we are both cancer survivors. That's not all bad

          "Worrying is that conversation you have with yourself about things you cannot change - Prayer is that conversation you have with God about things he can change."
          ... Dennis ( TEAM)

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