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Erections after "nerve sparing" radical prostatectomy

I would like to hear specifically from people having gone through this procedure, as to their ability to have an erection.

  1. It's now been 2 years since my RP "nerve sparing" surgery, and I put that in quotes since I have no been able to have a natural erection since. I can have an erection with Trimix or Quadmix injections, and I have tips on that if anyone is interested. I'd just like to know, does anyone actually retain the ability to have a natural erection after this procedure? I was 58, hard erections before surgery, minimal cancer, non-smoker, exercised regularly, etc, so I should have been a good case for recovery, but, no.

    1. Nerve sparing? Not so much for me. Erections ended with RP at age 55. Best quote I heard was its like putting a marshmellow through a keyhole. Got to laugh because it was a major life changng event for me. Still dealing with it. DanF, moderator,

  2. Im 64, and at 10 months post surgery. With help from pills, pump and ring am having some success. My quote; "ever try pushing a rope"

    1. It's good to hear that things are getting better, ! That's a good and humorous quote! -Samuel, Team Member

  3. I was 47 when I had my surgery. For the first year nothing,then gradually with the help of injections and pills it started to return. Now I don’t have to use anything and sometimes it’s pretty good and other times just okay. I am 63 now and I’m going to have to get radiation so who knows.

    1. I was diagnosed with an aggressive but confined prostate cancer and went the surgery route. After 6 months of daily low dose Viagra I was able to stop drug and things worked well for quite a few years. At one point my post-op PSA tests began to rise and I needed additional treatments --- radiation and hormone therapy.

      Again things were ok for several years but past treatments eventually catch up with you. At age 78 life my life is good and I am now rolling along with the many ups and downs life offers . Dennis(

    2. Glad to see you rolling along. Great attitude. I've reached the point of just wanting to enjoy each day. Pretty mellow these days. Sorry to say my daughter has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm saddened she will have to deal with the "C" word as well. DanF, (Prostate

  4. , It's good to hear things are improving on the ED front. Thanks for sharing, good to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sounds like we may be on a similar track. In about 2 weeks I will know if radiation is on my calendar?

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